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-Education center for medical students-

Posted by drneelesh on November 9, 2008

Medical education centre to open next year (From South Wales Argus)

A NEW education centre for medical students will open at the Royal Gwent Hospital next spring, eight years after plans to boost training facilities were first revealed.

A new £800,000 facility is being built behind the main hospital complex, next to the administration and nursing blocks on Friars Field – and it is set to be well-used.

This year, more than 1,000 medical students will spend time in Gwent hospitals, which take more students for part of their training than any other part of Wales except Cardiff and the Vale. Many of them are based at the Royal Gwent.

That represents a 16 per cent increase in just four years, and with work experience programmes set to start up again later this month, training space is at a premium.

Plans for a multi-million pound, state-of-the-art medical education centre on the site of 64 Cardiff Road, on the corner of the Clytha Square, were dashed in May 2007 by opposition from residents and city councillors after years on the drawing board.

But some sort of facility is needed at the Royal Gwent to bridge the gap before the new Specialist and Critical Care Centre – proposed for the Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital site – is built. That could be four or five years away.

The centre being built at the Royal Gwent includes a multidisciplinary library service for the hospital, with 24-hour access to a large book, journal and study area, and an extensive computer suite.

There will also be a clinical skills lab, seminar room and a common room and locker area for undergraduate medical students, and a simulation and clinical skills suite for use by all professions in Gwent Healthcare Trust.

The two-storey building will also house the trust’s medical photography and illustration centre. It will be completed next April.


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– E.learning @ NTR university of health sciences.

Posted by drneelesh on November 5, 2008

MedRC provides e-Learning opportunities in health sciences

MedRC provides e-Learning opportunities in health sciences

The recent launch of e-Learning programs at the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Digital Library at Vijayawada should prove to be a blessing for many health sciences graduate and post graduate aspirants.

NRTUHS provides various graduate and post-graduate courses in Health Sciences to more than 60,000 students through its 300 affiliated colleges.

The First Year Basic Sciences syllabus mapped to the MCI prescribed curriculum for MBBS subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry are being provided at the NTRUHS Digital Library now. Since these subjects cover Basic Sciences concepts, they are also useful for students of BDS and could be useful for students of Nursing and Paramedical courses too.

The Medical Education Research Centre for Education technologies (MEdRC EduTech) is converting the entire MBBS curriculum (as prescribed by the M.C.I.) into a series of over 7500 multimedia enhanced digital lectures.

The lectures are delivered by Professors who are invited from various medical colleges across India, captured on video and subsequently enhanced by a team of doctors and multimedia professionals by adding multimedia elements in the form of slides, graphics, illustrations, 2D and 3D animation , etc.

In addition MEdRC is developing e-Learning courses for Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing, Paramedical, Hospital Staff Training, and for Village Health Workers (in various Indian languages). MEdRC also captures and delivers modules for Continuing Medical Education through tie ups with various medical teaching organizations

The lecture-on-demand system also allows weaker students who are currently unable to cope up to catch up and learn at their own pace, place and time using a simple interactive interface. The program is interactive – it allows a student to choose any subject and take any lecture – students can even search for a topic and see the related lecture.

While taking the lesson, students can visualize the concepts through related animations. MEdRC has started offering these SmarTeach e-learning courses in truly interactive mode at the Digital Library at its own centers in Hyderabad.

The University’s vision to provide Digitized Medical Education method of teaching to all the NTRUHS affiliated colleges will facilitate the Faculty with rich media tools and will allow 70% of the teachers’ time to be released from giving repetitive didactic lectures delivering factual information and rather involve students to apply facts and learn more of required skills.

Students and the faculty will save their precious time through these Programs which can be available 24/7 within the convenience of one’s own college.

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