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10+2 uses of Medical animations

Posted by drneelesh on April 22, 2009

A short gif animation Wikipedia

Medicine is a very visual science requiring a lot of imagination of processes taking place at cellular and sub cellular levels. Almost none of the disease processes currently understood can be seen. Even something as simple as a Flu infection(influenza virus) has to be imagined to be understood, forget opaque diseases like Danubian endemic familial nephropathy. Animation helps in simplifying the process for a large number of visual learners. Education, thus, is the most obvious use of high quality medical and scientific animations. Besides, the whole section of applications based on gaming principles have yet to be tapped for health related matters.

A few other uses of Medical animations ( besides medical education and gaming) include-

  • Medical field related Web sites,
  • Sales Training,
  • Patient Education,
  • Slide Kits and Presentations,
  • Multimedia Posters/Abstracts,
  • Health promotion,
  • Advertising and traditional marketing,
  • Trade shows and Symposium,
  • Multimedia journals,
  • Online social marketing, etc.
I use Medical animations frequently and am always on the lookout for interesting and original Medical animation sites. There are many animation sites out there but very few achieve the required levels of professionalism and accuracy. I have prepared this slide-kit to showcase a few of such sites. This list is by no way exhaustive but only a limited view of this field. To keep the list short and interesting, i had to fore go a few websites. Kindly pardon me if i missed yours.

You could add other such interesting sites as comments at the end of this post.

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