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Expensive American Healthcare

Posted by drneelesh on April 22, 2009

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I had made these observations a few months back. I really dont know how true they may be today since Obama has upped the ante.

That the American healthcare delivery system is out of control and wasteful is a no-brainer. Needless battery of investigations and over diagnosis, use of branded drugs over generics of better quality, impractical insurance laws, free-markets approach to health care and sedentary lifestyle are all major factors in creating the current scenario.Its like a bad spiraling black hole which only sucks you into unnecessary and wasteful consumption of health services.

Keeping the whole machinery ticking seems to be the raison d’itre de patient existence.

This video below touches on a few reasons on why health care is so expensive in America. Features like this convince that India must be doing something right in its public health policy.

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