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Favourite Free Fifty Five (55) tools

Posted by drneelesh on August 20, 2009

Medical communications involves a lot of content creation and sharing. The job requires using a number of tools (online and offline) to help me create professional looking content in a fun way.

Being a long time FOSS supporter, i personally prefer to use a freely available tool or application rather than any commercial tool. And if you look around, there is at least one free tool/application for every function which requires a commercially available tool/application.

Here is a list of top 55 free digital tools used by me for my personal Content creation and sharing.I use many other tools too, but these are the ones used most frequently.

1. Easy-to-use and secure Internet browser? Firefox

2. E-Mail system? Gmail

3. Social bookmarking tool?

4. Social bookmarking tool with collaborative learning features (groups, forums, etc.)? Diigo

5. Tool that enables me to capture, visualize, organize and share my bookmarks? SimplyBox

6. Tool to translate text or a webpage? Google Language Tools

7. Online RSS reader? Google Reader

8. Tool to aggregate all my resources, mail, RSS feeds, etc, in one place? Netvibes, iGoogle

9. Content Management System (CMS)? Joomla

10. Tool to create my own website? Webnode, Weebly

11. Tool to broadcast myself to the world? USTREAM

12. Content authoring tool? eXe , CourseLab

13. Alternative to Microsoft Office? OpenOffice

14. Online suite of office tools? Google Docs or Zoho

15. Tool that converts my PowerPoint to Flash (including animations)? iSpring Free

16. Web authoring tool alternative to FrontPage and Dreamweaver? NvU or KompoZer

17. Personal online notebook? Google Notebook

18. Blogging tool? WordPress , Blogger

19. Tool to create blog by email? Posterous

20. Tool to collaborate/comment/update from friends? Friendfeed

21. Wiki tool? PBwiki

22. Tool to track plagiarism? Plagium

23. Encyclopedia, which I can add to or edit? Wikipedia

24. Audio recording tool? Audacity

25. Tool to host my audio recordings online? Podbean

26. Tool to convert text to speech? vozMe or iSpeech

27. Tool to transform media creation into collaborative spaces ? VoiceThread

28. Screencasting (recording) tool? Jing

29. Mindmapping tool? FreeMind

30. Tool to brainstorm and create mindmaps online?

31. Easy-to-learn 3D authoring software tool? Google SketchUp

32. Photo editing tool? GIMP

33. Online photo/image editing tool? Picnik

34. Tool to create cool personalized images? Custom Sign Generators

35. Screen Color Picker? ColorSchemer

36. Tool to create flowcharts, diagrams, technical drawings? Gliffy

37. Tool to create PDFs from any Windows program? PDFCreator

38. Tool to edit/merge/watermark PDF? PDF Tools

39. Online file conversion tool (e.g. Word >PDF>PowerPoint)? Zamzar

40. Tool to share my slides? SlideShare, authorSTREAM

41. Tool to share my videos? YouTube , TeacherTube , DNAtube

42. Tool to download videos from any video sharing site? ClipNabber , Unplug

43. Tool for online video editing? Jaycut

44. Self-publishing tool (books, papers, etc)? Scribd , Docstoc

45. To create your own music? ccMixter

46. Tool to share my pictures? Flickr

47. Space to upload and share my files? eSnips

48. Tool to create good looking charts online? Online chart tools

49. Tool to create Flash games (templates)?

50. Tool to create interactive quizzes and puzzles? Hot Potatoes

51. Tool to share lots of tabs together? ShareTabs , Agglom

52. Tool to filter/mix a number of RSS feeds to get one feed? FeedRinse, Feedmingle

53. Tool to create widgets from feeds? Grazr

54. Tool to help me collect, manage, and cite my research sources? Zotero and Evernote

55. Tool that sends me email updates of the latest relevant Google results? Google Alerts

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