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>The Top 5 Health and Fitness Websites of 2010

Posted by drneelesh on December 13, 2010


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The Time magazine has recently published a list of Top 50 websites in 2010

The point to note in all the medical ( and also non-medical) websites is that almost all websites are directly benefitting the consumer. These are websites which add Value. Most of these websites allow you to use various tools, like Google Maps or online videos, to derive maximum benefits.
Also, all these websites allow creation of Communities. Thus these websites are good community portals, allowing visitors to connect with each other and thus learn more.
Below are the 5 websites from the Health and Fitness category:
Health & Fitness
  • Keas : Founded by the former head of Google Health, Keas aims to provide tailored health programs for individual users by combining personal medical data with general health advice. Companies like Quest Diagnostics have teamed up with Keas to input personal data, like blood-test results, to the site.
  • Mayo Clinic : The renowned Mayo Clinic‘s website keeps its tips legitimate, combining ease of use with sound medical advice. The site offers an encyclopedic index of diseases and a symptom checker to see what that forehead pain could mean.
  • Exercise TV: On-demand cable channel Exercise TV allows you to get fit with only a laptop and some extra floor space. Every month, the channel’s site uploads more than 100 free workout videos. You can pay to download the clips or you can stream them online cost-free.
  • Fit by Fun : Fit by Fun animates your exercise with illustrated trainers, upbeat music and a community feel, giving you a list of “classmates” currently using the site. The fickle can adjust their workout scenery and sound track. Though many of its classes and services, like progress tracking, require a paid membership, some are free.
  • Walk Jog Run: Walk Jog Run utilizes Google Maps and community involvement to map out the best routes in your area. Just input your address and user-generated routes will appear, handily mapped out and measured by distance, speed and calories burned. 

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>Evolving use of Social Media in Healthcare Business

Posted by drneelesh on December 11, 2010


A social network diagramI

Most businesses have discovered that word of mouth advertising and networking are two of the most successful ways to find new business or clients. Social media is simply a way to network and use word of mouth, online. Small and Medium size business, especially in healthcare,  are seeing the most benefits from use of social media.

Check this Hospital Social Network List by Ed Bennett comprising of all the hospitals in the US on Social Media.

The Presentation below has just been voted amongst the top 3 presentations of 2010 on Slideshare.
If you are not using social media strategies in your marketing plan, Now is the time to start.

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