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>6 Great Ways to Kick start Your Health Community.

Posted by drneelesh on January 11, 2011



Despite all the debate about the many differentiating feature of health communities, they are at their core like any other online community. And growing a health community faces almost the same challenges as growing  any other non-specialist communities.

Feverbee is a good source of gyan for building online communities. Created by Richard Millington, it is overflowing with solid practical advice in building vibrant online communities. We have taken one of their recent posts and edited it to answer our own question.

How to Kick Start a passive Health Community? 6 questions which will enthuse activity in your community forum and encourage people to share:

(1) What is your average day like? People love to talk about themselves winning over their arthritis/ diabetes/ whatever. Ask them what their average day is like and they’ll tell you. They’ll also compare it with anyone else that answers.

(2) This question can be difficult to monitor/ balance but will surely get you a lot of traffic. Can anyone recommend ( a healthcare service provider, source of information, treatment strategy which worked for you)…..? People like to be helpful and show off knowledge. Asking for recommendations will solicit knowledge and engagement from users. Another variant of this is Who/What are your top 5 …………… ? Ranking is addictive. Ask people to rank their top 5 anything and then try to create an overall ranking based upon the community.

(3) What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you whilst you have been unwell….. ? Self explanatory. Let members share their stories. It’ll almost certainly boost activity and return visits. Members will slowly get to know and like each other.

(4) Has anyone tried…………….. ? Again, has anyone is all-encompassing and people are likely to share their experiences.

(5) What would you do if ……. ? Create a hypothetical situation, perhaps a problem lots of people face, and ask members what they would do. Life problems work well here.

(6) What should every newcomer know about ….? Well, what should every newcomer know about something relevant in your community? It’s great and much needed advice – perfect for a sticky-thread. 

PS: We recommend an Editorial board of independent experts for every health community.  Plus, Always let users flag content as spam or promotional. Contact for help in creating health communities targeting physicians/ health consumers in India.


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