Medical Communication

>Use of Social and Mobile Media for Health Change.

Posted by drneelesh on March 5, 2011


Margaret Morris, PhD, clinical psychologist and senior researcher in Intel’s Digital Health Group, studies the ways that emerging technologies can enhance mental and physical wellbeing. She shares her latest research into the use of social and mobile media for health change.
Filmed September 28, 2010 | Philadelphia

Margaret covers 3 theories and research into how to apply them to helping people make healthy choices:

* Emotional Awarenes
Facilitating awareness of behaviors through mobile therapy – can your phone be your psychologist?
* Social Psychology
People are very affected by what they think other people are doing – how can we tailor messages that will motivate people to make the right choices?
* Loss Aversion
Loss affects us twice as much in a negative way as gain affects us in a positive way – how can we use this “stick” to help people change?

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