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>How to Create Animations Online without Costly Softwares

Posted by drneelesh on January 28, 2011


Example of Level 1 animation. Same image but s...I

A Video is a very powerful resource on the internet. Various studies have proved that videos get shared more rapidly via social media, rather than text based content. But making good quality videos has required using special programs and costly talent.
Not Anymore.

There are a few sites online where you can do basic animation and you do not need to have animation experience. You can pick backgrounds, text, music, etc. to make a short video and then send it to your friends. You do not need any experience just point and click:

5 websites which allow you to create animations:


Check out this video on using Xtranormal:

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>Animated Explanations – The Heart and Blood Flow

Posted by drneelesh on June 27, 2010


This interactive infographic explains the anatomy and function of the human heart. Find out how the blood flows through the different chambers and valves, and visualize the blood flow using the scroll bar.

Be patient . It might take a minute or so for the animation to load.
The Human Heart Animated Explanations

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MedAnims – Creating 3D medical animations

Posted by drneelesh on November 16, 2009

David bolinsky  explains the art of medical animation.

The audio quality is not very good, but the guy does simplify the complicated process of creating visually appealing and accurate medical 3D animations.His “The Inner Life of a Cell,” highlighted at TED2007 won widespread admiration.
As David bolinsky described before in March 2007 while presenting on the same platform,
a mental image of the cell as a large, bustling, hugely complicated city that’s occupied by micro-machines.

His xvivo (@ Connecticut) is a successful medical animation studio.

Our award-winning animation studio creates compelling visual productions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies; advertising agencies; educational organizations; museums and broadcast companies. From script to screen, we provide custom education and communication services for every client.`

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Nucleus art and HBO get Top 3D animation awards

Posted by drneelesh on September 10, 2009

 The 1st Annual International  Science  Animation Awards (ISAA)  were      presented  in Guiyang, China  August 8th  2009. The event  honored the extraordinary   imagination and creativity of those  transposing scientific concepts and  conclusions into renderings of reality that reflect our unseen world. Finalists from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Thailand were in competition with pieces created for CNN, HBO, National Geographic, Bristol Meyer’s, and some of America’s top medical animation companies for awards in only four categories; Physical Science, Natural Science, Children’s Education, and Honorable Mention
This year’s Sci-An Awards went to:
  •  Natural ScienceNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, USA for its comprehensive 3D animation of changing global conditions in “Global Warming”.

  • Physical Science NUCLEUS MEDICAL ART, USA for their detailed and nuanced 3D animation of human birth in “Birth and Complications”.

  • Children’s Education – JESTER INTERNATIONAL, Taiwan for their informative and cartoon-like depiction of healthy bacteria on a child’s arm fighting-off external pathogens for early primary school in “Oh! Bacteria”.

  • Honorable Mention was awarded to JANNIS PRODUCTIONS – USA for their complex and sophisticated rendering of bioactivity in the human brain at different stages of Alzheimer’s, in HBO’s special series “The Alzheimer’s Project”.

A televised awards show will be aired later this year and includes a live orchestra tribute to the legendary Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films, with musical themes serenading brief montages from many of his animated features.

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Best Medical animation sites with inbuilt links

Posted by drneelesh on April 6, 2009

animation_dogImage by drneelesh via Flickr

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

This is a slide cast of my favorite medical animation sites with free access. The slideshow has inbuilt links, so if you want to visit any of the sites, just click on that slide. Hope you enjoy it.

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Medical Animations – WebSlides

Posted by drneelesh on April 2, 2009

animation_dogImage by drneelesh via Flickr

Medicine is a very visual science requiring a lot of imagination of processes taking place at cellular and sub cellular levels. Almost none of the disease processes currently understood can be seen. Even something as simple as a Flu infection(influenza virus) has to be imagined to be understood, forget opaque diseases like Danubian endemic familial nephropathy. Animation helps in simplifying the process for a large number of visual learners.

A few other uses of Medical animations ( besides medical education) include-

* Medical field related Web sites,
* Sales Training,
* Patient Education,
* Slide Kits and Presentations,
* Multimedia Posters/Abstracts,
* Health promotion,
* Advertising and traditional marketing,
* Trade shows and Symposium,
* Multimedia journals,
* Online social marketing, etc.

I use Medical animations frequently and am always on the lookout for interesting and original Medical animation sites. There are many animation sites out there but very few achieve the required levels of professionalism and accuracy. I have prepared this slide-kit to showcase a few of such sites. This list is by no way exhaustive but only a limited view of this field. To keep the list short and interesting, i had to fore go a few websites. Kindly pardon me if i missed yours.

You could add other such interesting sites as comments at the end of this post.

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