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Anatomy mLearning via iPhone: Aspects of Anatomy

Posted by drneelesh on March 17, 2011

Video has been widely acclaimed as a very useful educational media for elearning. With widespread use of hand held devices like iPhones, we need suitable formats and ease of use to encourage mLearning in Medicine.

Professor of Clinical Anatomy at Warwick Medical School, Peter Abrahams Author of How the Body Works (A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Anatomy), has turned his teaching into bite-size anatomy classes which can be downloaded and used by medical students world-wide

The new app, entitled Aspects of Anatomy, provides 38 short teaching videos using real, plastinated prosections of the lungs, thorax and the arm, from shoulder to hand.
The app is available to purchase from the usual iTunes store outlets and costs ¬£4.99.

ASPECTS OF ANATOMY from Short Form Film Company on Vimeo.

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>Exchange Data Between Smartphones with Free Bump App.

Posted by drneelesh on January 6, 2011

Smartphones have almost become ubiquitous amongst the physicians and other healthcare providers. They all work within a small niche and often need to pass data/information between themselves. Now a free application called Bump lets individuals using smartphones ( whether iPhones or Android phones) easily share contacts and links to Facebook too!

Setting up Bump :
1) Make sure that the person you want to connect with is in your address book, and that you both have the latest version of Bump installed on your devices.
2) Fill out your email address and/or phone number, and have your friends do the same. This information will help Bump identify who you want to connect with. 
3) Select ‘Yes’ when Bump asks permission to have access to your address book.
4) If you are friends on Facebook, you and your friends can sign into your accounts within Bump which will also help in the matching process.
Once this is done Bump will generate a list of people that you will be able to instantly connect with simply by clicking the green check mark next to their names, and voil√†! You’re connected and able to send all kinds of stuff back and forth for free.


You can download the app here from the iTunes store.

Also see a whole list of other apps using the Bump API to bump-share songs, wine lists, play games and pay bills.

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CME Xtracredit on the move via iPhone

Posted by drneelesh on December 23, 2009


Lippincott Continuing Medical Education Institute, Inc. (LCMEI), a wholly owned subsidiary of WKH that certifies more education than any other nationally accredited publisher in the United States  recently launched XtraCredit, a novel internet-point-of-care (IPOC) activity for physicians to use on their iPhone and iTouch devices.

IPOC CME allows physicians to receive needed CME credit for finding answers to their clinical questions among approved resources, including LWW medical books and journals, and documenting their experience in a specified way. Users can download the application at no charge; there is a small per-credit fee for each documented search.

XtraCredit allows readers of LWW journals, and users of services such as Ovid to earn CME credit; and publishers can promote this valuable new learning activity to their customers. 

The application lets you conduct your research through hundreds of approved online resources such as Ovid, PubMed, Google Scholar, National Guideline Clearing House, OMIM, any of more than 500 hundred medical journals published by Lippincott Williams Wilkins, BMJ group, BioMed Central and others, even for use of EMR-based clinical decision-support such as Clin e-guide and Zynx. Credit is provided under the Internet Point of Care CME rules by the Lippincott CME Institute, Inc.

This app is available through the iPhone AppStore. The application and first use is free. Thereafter One will be charged an introductory price of $4.99 for each completed learning activity.

Check it here-

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