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>The Best New Social LMS : TOPYX

Posted by drneelesh on January 9, 2011


Social LMS is the new buzz-word in eLearning. Everyones wants an elearning platform which allows social features like connecting, forming interest groups and building communities.
Such features are not well defined in the earlier breed of LMS like Blackboard or Moodle.What it needs is an affordable, fully-hosted social learning management system (social LMS) eLearning software as a service (SaaS) solution with integrated, innovative social learning resources that meet the needs of today’s learners.
TOPYX is a revolutionary eLearning 2.0 platform that ingeniously integrates learning content, assignment tracking facilities and social learning. Using the most advanced technology, TOPYX brings the best interactive software together into a single platform—giving educators, trainers and learners the ultimate resource for all their knowledge-sharing needs.
TOPYX is already used by many corporates, including Johnson and Johnson. It is 100% web based and works within the browser, so no need to download anything! It is fully integrated with community building features and single user sig-on. Also, Social networking plug-in compatibility (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) gives it the edge over many other similar LMSs.
It is provided as a service, so you don’t need to dirty your hands with complicated coding. Just pay and start using! Its customizable, so easy to add branding! It lets you embed multimedia in a variety of formats. It has already been voted as eLearning – Best of 2010 winner.It is used by a number of corporate houses from different verticals and has proved itself adaptable for all kinds of niche needs.
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Facebook for Learning

Posted by drneelesh on April 28, 2010

Click here to view the Articulate version


This week’s learning session explored Facebook and how we can use it to facilitate learning. As expected, thanks to the juicy topic ‘Facebook’, we had a full house (e-learning lab, I mean!). Only 25 were allowed to register, but we ended up with 32 participants, which just illustrates that Facebook is an interesting topic.


Based on our recent poll the majority of both Academic staff (66.7) and students (67.8) that participated think that IMU should use Facebook for e-learning.

But, where to start?

To get your Facebook social learning space moving, why not for starters create a ‘Facebook Group’ (especially if you want to have a closed group)?

Here are two screencast tutorials exploring how to create a Facebook Group and how we could use it to facilitate learning:

Part 1 – Creating a ‘Facebook Group’

Part 2 – Exploring Facebook Group Features


Why not combine Moodle (E-learning Portal) and Facebook to facilitate online learning environments that sizzles 🙂
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By- ZaidLearn

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SCORM and multimedia in eLearning (3D models/images/flash/video etc.)

Posted by drneelesh on August 27, 2009

SCORM content, ie the Sharable Content Object Reference Model is easy to add everywhere as it is compatible with most learning management system.

Since moodle is the best opensource LMS, it uses the following SCORM compatible template to add chapters.

  • U will reach language selection page, choose English.

  • Explore the teacher dashboard. Teacher dashboard allows a teacher to add content and access students’ tests/activity log/etc.

  • This is the teacher window to add all content

Point- Always create (and store) all new content as SCORM compatible.

Use flash files, HTML, simple JAVA, Quicktime/wmv for videos, powerpoints etc. to create a packet.

Thus each elearning module can be saved as a collection of compatible media.

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Posted by drneelesh on February 3, 2009

What is Moodle explained with Lego

From: moodlefan,
4 months ago

I have been always very interested in open source LMS and Moodle has never been far from my mind. BUT i always wondered if it could incorporate my requirements like Blogs, Wikis, Social bookmarking, Chats, Forums , besides all the basic functions of tracking and assessment. This slideshow i found explains moodle so easily, i feel more confident in now adopting it more whole-heartedly. Thanks moodlefan.

Background details and accompanying video clip available at:

Conf Moodle PDF

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